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01. The White Rabbit

Luxe Floral Design
Embark on a journey through floral designs that evoke wonder and transport you to a realm of exquisite beauty. Immerse yourself in captivating arrangements, color combinations, and one-of-a-kind sculptural masterpieces crafted exclusively for your brand, editorial, or event.

We are committed to creating unforgettable experiences that ignite conversations and leave a lasting impression. With a focus on artistic flair our creations resonate with those who appreciate beauty and distinction. Rest assured, punctuality is our priority, ensuring that we are always there for your most significant moments.

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02. Queen of Hearts

Premium Floral Design + Event Styling
Unforgettable events that captivate and inspire.

Designed for those who desire to infuse their unique personality and style into their parties and corporate events, with the guidance of industry professionals.

Our skilled and meticulous team will transform your venue with stunning decor, captivating florals, and elegant embellishments, bringing your vision to life.

Sit back, relax, and savor every moment, as we take care of every detail, ensuring a seamless and memorable experience.

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03. The Alice

Floral Design + Event Styling + Planning
Embark on an extraordinary journey with Alice as we transport your party or corporate event into a realm of enchantment. Experience the pinnacle of event styling, planning, and stunning floral design. With Xavierโ€™s expertise in event planning, hospitality, concept development, horticulture, and environmental design, we exceed your wildest imagination.

Through personalized collaboration, we curate an exclusive celebration that authentically reflects your style and persona. Our full-service event styling encompasses breathtaking florals and meticulous attention to detail, from linens to fonts, candles, and lighting. With our extensive knowledge of botanicals and events, logistics seamlessly merge into a harmonious fusion.

Leveraging our strong industry relationships, we connect you with top-tier suppliers who share your vision, ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail. For busy professionals with a clear vision, The Alice offers the ultimate package for your corporate event or party. Immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience as our skilled specialists take the lead, handling every detail and alleviating the pressure. With The Alice, you can fully embrace and make the most of your special day, knowing that everything is expertly taken care of.

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