Xavier’s Notes

My biggest congratulations to you during this momentous time in your life!

The Xavier Nicolle team is an orchestra of women who are making a difference. Like you, we live and breathe beauty, passion, and purpose.

My personal mission is to invite you to cultivate new memories imprinted by the nature, colour, texture, and fragrance that will surround you on the most important day of your life.

The entire XNF brand was inspired by my childhood, creating watercolour paintings in the garden with my Grandma. Nothing says love to me more than fluffy garden roses, freshly-cut in the mist. These are my earliest memories, an undeniably nostalgic heritage of all that my Grandma taught me. To love craftsmanship, and to love the earth.

The universe has a hilariously divine way of nudging us in the right direction.

As a child, I found joy in handfuls of wildflowers. In daisy-chain-making and petal-collecting and paper-flower-crafting and rose-drying. I think all children are inherently akin with nature and, over time, we forget that we are nature too.

Xavier Nicolle Flowers is my dream brought to life. And now my intention is to bring all your dreams to life, too.

I have been picking and selling flowers since the age of 8, so entrepreneurship is etched on my hands and heart. This is why I’m so passionate about running and supporting female-led companies. Statistically, their teams are happier, their work is more productive, and their creations are more influential.

The truth is, we love what we do. We have a fire burning inside our souls that says we want to create art in its most natural form on a grand scale.

So, sit down with a cup of tea or glass of bubbles and email me with any questions at hello@xaviernicolle.flowers.

Let’s get married!

Xavier Nicolle

What makes us Xavier

Bride in a cream suit looking over the reception decoration.

Full Service

You’ll receive a full service experience, with end-to-end planning and execution.

Events by Design

Customised to your natural chemistry and your personal style, every event is utterly unique and memorable as your own. You’ll never find two Xavier Nicolle events that are the same. Your story begins with you.

Bride in a cream suit looking over the reception decoration.

Innovate and Create

Our floral styling genius comes purely from the heart. We create new and innovative looks; a beautiful blend of Xavier’s childhood memories in gardening and artistry, alongside your personal vision, make for an unparalleled event.

Unforgettable Florals

Your event will be talked about for decades to come. XN Flowers are engineered to be remembered. Wildly artistic and meaningful, there are no wallflowers here.

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Unexpected Masterpieces

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