Wedding Flower Quotes: Your Questions Answered

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A Transparent Breakdown of Where Your Investment Goes

If you’ve decided to say “I do” to another human, you’ve probably also decided to say “I do” to a beautiful ceremony to celebrate your love for that human, and it’s a day that you’ve envisioned for quite some time.

You’re not alone in wanting your wedding day to be the ultimate representation of your love for one another. There’s no better way to express that love than through flowers; nature’s greatest artwork.

When planning a wedding, you’re usually going in blind – most of us only ever get to plan our wedding day once, so it’s very new and exciting territory. That’s why  at Xavier Nicolle Flowers we aim to be transparent and communicative with you every step of the way, including when it comes to costing your wedding flowers.

There are many factors that contribute to allowing us to provide a customised quote for your wedding flowers.

We take any space and make it extraordinary.

Being one of the most important days of your life, it’s important for us to be authentic about how your personalised package can be transformed from a dream into a reality.

In this article, we aim to answer all your pricing and quoting questions so you’re comfortable with costing from the beginning of our beautiful journey together.

1. How does the quotation process work?

A few steps take place during the pricing phase of your wedding flowers.

Information Gathering – After you contact us, we’ll begin the information-gathering phase. We’ll need from you:

  1. Both of your names
  2. Inspiration and overall vision (see this article for creating your dream wedding vision)
  3. Colour palette (if you’re unsure, we can help)
  4. Chosen venue or dream location
  5. Amount of bridesmaids
  6. Bridesmaids dresses

Initial Meeting

Then, we’ll meet with you in person or over Zoom. This conversation will be a light-hearted chat to get to know you as individuals and as a couple. We’ll be looking to discover what lights you up, what makes you comfortable, what you both value, and what doesn’t work for you. It’s also an opportunity to discover whether we are the perfect fit for one another.

Customised Quote

Over the next 7-14 days, we’ll create your personalised package, detailed design, and customised quote. Depending on the Wonderland tier you’ve chosen, we will provide a final vision board at this stage with a written description of the feeling we hope to achieve. All of this is provided for your approval, as we work together to engineer and realise your dreams.

We aren’t just building blooms, we’re building dreams.

2. Why do you have a minimum spend?

Choosing your package tier allows us to create a framework from which to build. From there, you can decide whether you would like any specialised additions or installations. The world is your oyster. A minimum spend allows us to get the job done effectively.

3. Why do flowers cost what they cost?

Flowers cost what they do for various reasons.

  • To acquire the perfect flowers for you, there is an understanding that many flowers will be rejected along the picking, packing, and logistical processes. These flowers end up sold in places that aren’t wedding-ready. Since they are not to standard, we cannot accept every flower that comes our way. This ensures that you’ll only be experiencing the very best quality on your very important day.
  • Our flowers must be at their highest and freshest peak of bloom, so timing is critical. Like an avocado, there’s only a small window of perfection.
  • Handling each flower with care along the way, and caressing the flowers to collectively create the design of your dreams requires time, expertise, and patience which is built into the cost.
  • Our team is made of passionate and knowledgeable botanists, florists, artists, and horticulturalists who care deeply about nature as  well as the final product they produce.
  • To create a fairytale-like ambience that is thoughtfully theatrical yet unpretentious takes time and requires a particular sense of irreplaceable genius. It’s difficult to place a price on that kind of creativity. While it feels very natural for us to create these wildly inspiring spaces, it doesn’t happen by accident.
  • The design process is highly personalised to you as a couple, creating a space for you that you won’t see twice. This level of customisation is what sets us apart. It’s akin to the difference between fast fashion and haute couture.
  • Adding to the level of personalisation is the environment. We work with the space rather than against it, looking for ways to give you the most dramatic effect.
  • When scouting your space, we discover existing spaces from which to hang florals, adding jaw-dropping impact from the moment you arrive.
  • Seasonality, demand, and availability affect our pricing structure and your choice of blooms.
4. Why do quotes differ between florists?

This question deserves education and explanation, as quotes can vary widely across the wedding floral industry.

At Xavier Nicolle, our experience spans two decades in horticulture and floristry. Value is in the eye of the beholder. If you value authentic, exclusive, unconventional, detailed, and extraordinary artwork in any capacity, then the cost speaks for itself.

5. What exactly goes into the quotation framework?
  • Planning – Up to 20 hours of processing, planning, and communications go into your wedding botanicals before we even begin work on the big day
  • Local and Exotic Flowers – Accessing the right flowers for your look and feel will require a detailed level of sourcing from the best suppliers and growers in the industry
  • Quality Inspection – Every petal undergoes a detailed quality control process
  • Bespoke Blooms – Our entire ethos sits around ethereal, exquisite, extraordinary, and exclusivity. We create this level of customisation so that no two weddings are the same.
  • Innovative Design – The genius is in the seemingly effortless placement of blooms, yet there is nothing random about it, creating a day to remember
  • Van Hire – Refrigerated van hire helps us retain the quality of your wedding flowers on the move
  • Logistics – We move a team of florists to set locations to ensure they are on the pulse
  • Time Sensitivity – We work quickly yet thoughtfully to retain the beauty of each and every flower
  • Full Consideration – We stay with you for the entire day so everything goes to plan and not a petal is out of place
  • Mother Nature – We factor in the possibility of last-minute movements according to weather conditions
  • Labour of Love – We are an experienced team working in the moment, which requires a level of strategic and critical thinking that isn’t required in other industries
  • Repurposing Requests – Relocation and repurposing of flowers across ceremony and reception can be added into your quote on request
  • Additional Wedding Planning – At your request, we offer more than just beautiful blooms. Within our packages and menus, you can also choose additions from table decor to full-service event styling

At Xavier Nicolle, it’s very important to us that we be extremely transparent with you about where the costs are landing, from concept to delivery, so that you feel comfortable with your choice.

Being authentic with your partner about finances, staying open-minded to sourcing possibilities, getting your quotations in writing, and having open and honest conversations with your suppliers and florist will help for a smooth quotation process.

When choosing your florist, consider that flora and fauna truly bring your wedding day to life, bring nature indoors, personalise your special day, and make your event one to remember.

It’s the finishing touches that take an arrangement from ordinary to wild, wonderful, and truly memorable.

As the pinnacle destination for wedding florals, Xavier Nicolle designs beautiful events, and we don’t follow trends. Rather, we innovate and create, by hand-sketching our ideas and working with you to understand your vision. It’s a considered process that allows for the perfect arena on your special day.

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