Creating Your Dream Wedding Vision: Without It Feeling Like A Full Time Job

Published On: April 24, 2023|Categories: Planning|
One of the most important days, if not the most important day, of your life, is your wedding day.

That kind of pressure is enough to make ten kettles explode, and that’s before you’ve even had your morning caffeine hit. While there are ways to calm the nerves and anxiety before you tie the knot, that’s an article for another day. Today, we are focusing on creating the most aesthetically beautiful wedding, that’s intentionally personalised for you as a couple.

While it’s easy to get caught up in the glam of Instagram and the interest of Pinterest, it’s important to remember that the hordes of weddings that you’re scrolling through simply aren’t yours. They’re a reflection of other cultures, time zones, seasons, personalities, histories, (sometimes painful) parents, and each couple’s cosmic choreography.

Creating a unique style and feel for your wedding day is what makes it as memorable as Aunt Ethel’s epic 80’s dance moves or Uncle Bob’s unbearably long (yet brilliant) speech. It’s those sweet and customised touches that you (and your guests) will remember forever.

At Xavier Nicolle, one of our values is individuality. It is our highest honour to represent you exclusively on this special day, and to do that, we ask a unique set of questions before engineering your design. It’s like designing a couture gown – no two are the same.

Whether your personal style is classic, luxury, romantic, or something entirely unique to you, we create events that are perfectly suited to you. Don’t be afraid to add your persona – this is why Xavier Nicolle exists.

“I become very close with each and every couple. After spending time together, I really feel into the way they want to design their wedding – and their lives – together.” ~ Xavier Nicolle.

So, how do you go about achieving a look that is uniquely yours? Here’s your step-by-step guide.

1. Let’s Get Physical (or Digital)
Decide whether your vision board is digital or physical. There are benefits to both a handheld vision board and a digital inspiration board. Having a physical document to hang on your wall and edit as time passes by, is an excellent way of manifesting any vision, especially if you’re not typically a visual person. Owning a digital board facilitates sharing and effortless editing. Vision boards help to bring your thoughts and ideas to life and synchronise them in a way that makes cohesive sense to the look.

2. Infuse Your Persona into the Creative Process
Make a night of it with your partner, even if they don’t appear to be ‘into it’ or ‘aren’t creative’. Light some candles, play your favourite tunes, grab your choice of takeaway, and add a few beverages. When you personalise the space, you inadvertently personalise the board. Make it fun and light-hearted. Serious Sally has no place in the creative space.

3. Know Your ‘Three Things’
Xavier uses this question with all her couples and it often stumps them. What are three words that describe you as a couple? Write those on your vision board, to help the rest of the day materialise into something that truly mirrors you. As a couple, you may be fun, ridiculous, dramatic, sensitive, empathetic, dreamy, loving, effervescent, memorable, relatable, joyful, empowering, sweet, bold, cheeky, intellectual, honest, passionate… the list goes on. Add your ‘three words’ to your vision board. Once you’ve chosen them, you’re closer to achieving a better wedding, and, importantly, a better marriage.

4. Personalise and Customise
This is when things start to get personal. Take note of the colours that exist within your wardrobe already. Ensure that the colours you choose for your setting match your skin tone. Tell your wedding planner whether you will be getting a tan or changing the colour of your skin on the day, as this will impact the colour palette. As well, if you have any cultural preferences, let your floral designer know. At XNF, we also like to know whether you or your partner experience sensory overwhelm, as we can customise the colours and positioning of flowers to suit each of you.

5. Collate What Appeals to You Visually
Instead of being driven by or drawn to ‘wedding’ imagery, think more broadly with your vision board. You can use images of your top three holiday destinations, party dresses, ideal abode, favourite flowers (being mindful of seasonality and location), inspirational celebrities, treasured possessions, past adventures, and magic memories. Eventually, you will begin to notice a theme. From there, you can collate your exclusive wedding look. Work from the outer edges inwards, collating images that become more wedding-specific towards the middle of the board.

6. Add the Wedding Elements
At XNF, we love seeing swatches of fabric for your wedding gown or your bridesmaids’ dresses. In lieu of those, you could add some photos of the dresses you’ve purchased or the dresses that inspire you. Additionally, we love seeing your invitations or the inspiration behind them. These design elements will guide us in creating the ultimate wedding flowers of your dreams. We also love seeing images of the location you’ve chosen as the wedding environment will play a huge part in how we engineer your design.

7. Create Space for Care
Finally, make time to care for yourself. Planning a wedding is a job, in and of itself, and you probably already have one of those. So, be kind to yourself and each other, and include restoration on your vision board. While we want your wedding day to be jaw-droppingly beautiful – and it will be – it’s important to remember why you’re doing this in the first place: You found someone you love and they love you, and you’re pledging your life to one another. That’s a pretty special place to be.

At Xavier Nicolle, we work closely with you to discover which flowers speak to you most to create an unmistakable world that represents you as a couple. We can’t wait to help you design your day and celebrate your individuality!

Like you, our designs are one-of-a-kind; you won’t see them anywhere else.

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